Liberty Tie - Theo in Mustard

Wilson Monlee

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Want to know how to make wearing a tie more fun for you or your loved one?

Make sure it's made of Liberty of London fabrics like this one. 

Liberty of London Tana Lawn is a very soft cotton fabric that is such a dream to touch. 

The pattern on this tie is called Theo in the mustard colourway.

Theo is a delightful whimsical print that features many small bids and animals with flowers. 

Theo is a delicate and minimal print making it ideal for people who are averse to bright patterns or colours on their clothes. 

Perfect as a gift, for special occasions or everyday at the office.  

Handmade in Roma, Australia, this tie is a standard size tie measuring 157cm long and 10cm wide at the widest point. There is also a loop at the back to secure the ends together while wearing.  

I can also make this tie in a child or a teen size. Please contact me if this is what you are looking for. 

I can also use this print for other accessories in my shop if you are looking to coordinate your and your partners outfits for a special occasion like the races.  

If you are looking to buy several ties of the same pattern e.g. for a wedding please contact me to set up a custom order. 

This product is made using a pattern from Made Everyday.